Hong Kongs Primary Event for Game Developers

Who We Are

The community for Hong Kong's Gaming Industry

We’re a community of game developers in Hong Kong. From the aspiring to the experienced, from the independent to the big names, we are open to those with an active interest in game development. We aim to build an open network for developers where we can all share and learn from one another.

Monthly Events

Monthly Networking Meetups

Whether you’re based in Hong Kong, simply visiting, or anything in between, feel free to come by one of our monthly meetups.

Our goal is to foster a setting in Hong Kong that encourages game developers to socialise with one another to foster industry growth.

Our Mission


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Yes, you may! Simply contact us at info@gamedevhappyhour.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sorry, but can not officialy endorse recruiters. However, we actively host free to attend events with topics on career growth and encourage our members to network between themselves.

Yes, you’re welcome to attend, though we encourage people with an active interest or involvement in the industry! Do keep in mind though that we are a community of game developers, so conversations and presentations will be skewed as such.


Aidan Price


Founder / Adviser - Designer at Splash Damage.

Previously involved with the IGDA Hong Kong chapter, he organised monthly meet ups for developers in Hong Kong which eventually led to Game Dev Happy Hour. While Aidan currently resides in the UK since early 2017, he continues to be involved as an adviser.

Johnson Siau


Events Coordinator - Production assistant at Hanaji Games.

While studying in Boston, he enjoyed his time attending local game developer events and so sought to develop a community in Hong Kong when he returned.

Keiran Lovett


Organiser - Game Designer and Technical Director at Shadow Factory.

Involved within Hong Kong's gaming industry for over six years, as a student, designer, and occasional teacher, Keiran's most recent endeavour helped establishing a new games division for the LKF Group. He now designs games for VR.



We are interested in potential sponsors in order to help this group reach its fullest potential.

Press Information

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